Church Walking Group (November)
  • Harlestone Firs Forest

Church Walking Group (November)

Outline of walk:

This month’s walk is on Monday 20th November and is in the Harlestone area.

Meeting point and start time:

The lay-by opposite the entrance to Harlestone Firs Forest at 10:00 am (see notes below regarding lunch). Get directions.


If you would like to join us for this walk please reply to Trevor Clarke by Tuesday 14th November and advise me of your lunch requirements.

Details of walk:

For this month’s walk we will be repeating a walk we did about 5 years ago, so some of you may be familiar with it. The walk is in and around Harlestone. I know that this is very familiar territory for some of you, but trust you will still join us to enjoy fellowship together.

Our walk takes us initially through part of the ‘Firs’ and then across fields, back to the main road in Lower Harlestone. We go through the village and then take footpaths across fields and through woods to a lake on the edge of the golf course. We then continue on footpaths to Upper Harlestone, where we do a circuit of this village which is very spread out. Our return journey takes us over part of the golf course, past the church, crossing our outward route to re-join the main road at the Fox and Hounds. We then return to our start point on the footpath at the side of the main road.

The total length of the walk is approximately 4 miles. Although some of the walk is across fields and through woods, much of it is along well used tarmacked footpaths, with a small number of easy to negotiate stiles. However I still recommend good walking shoes or boots. We expect to be back at our start point after completing the walk at approximately 12:15 pm.

On completion of the walk you have three options:

  • I have made a reservation at the restaurant in Harlestone Heath Garden Centre (Wyevale). In order to keep things simple and get value for money you need to pre-order from the Menu below, by Tuesday 14th November and then confirm your order on the day before starting the walk at about 9:45 am.
  • If you want something lighter you are obviously free to enter the restaurant independently and order from the full menu, but be warned it may cost you more than  the deal below.
  • If you have other commitments you can return home directly after completing the walk.

Obviously all of the above is subject to weather conditions and may be adjusted if necessary on the day.

Could I take this opportunity to remind all those taking part in any of our Church Walks that you do so entirely at your own risk and the people who organise the walks bear no responsibility whatever for the health and safety of those taking part.

Trevor Clarke



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