Our Future

Our Future

Kingsthorpe Methodist Church worshipped at premises on Welford Road from 1979 until 2016. In 2014 it became apparent that the building was coming to its useful end; a large amount of money would have to be spent on maintenance, and there was concern regarding the high risk to user safety.

Plans were made to move out; it was decided to hold a Methodist service at the Pastures Community Centre on the first Sunday of the month, and discussions took place with Kingsthorpe Baptist Church on sharing worship with them for the rest of the month.

The last service at Kingsthorpe Methodist Church took place in February 2016 with the vision that the site would be developed to include a new church and the expectation that this process would take approximately three years to complete.

During the first year discussions took place with a proposed developer, and plans were drawn up, but as time went on it became apparent that there a detailed process was necessary to satisfy the requirements within the Methodist Church which inevitably led to a delay within the time scale for the project.

It was not until the beginning of 2020 that things appeared to be moving in a positive direction and then the pandemic came and put a stop to everything!

At the present time Kingsthorpe Methodist Church is considering its future very carefully in the light of changes that are taking place within the Northampton Methodist Circuit, its ongoing relationship with Kingsthorpe Baptist Church, financial concerns and the effect that the pandemic has had on the church community.

In the long term, Kingsthorpe Methodist Church believes there should be a Methodist presence in Kingsthorpe, and it is trying to determine the best way to fulfil its mission.