Our Future

Our Future

Kingsthorpe Methodist Church worshipped at premises on Welford Road from 1979 until February 2016. In 2014 it became apparent that the building was coming to its useful end, as a great amount of money would have to be spent on maintenance and updating the services. The Northampton circuit was also concerned over the high risk to user safety.

After looking at many options it was decided by the Church Council in June 2015 that the way forward was to approach a commercial estate agent and look into the possibilities of a shared development. This would incorporate retail, domestic units and a smaller Church building suitable for worship and outreach in the 21st Century. In July 2015 a date of February 2016 was set for the last service at the present premises and discussions took place with Kingsthorpe Baptist Church on sharing worship with them for part of each month.

In November 2015 architects started their survey of the site and a first draft set of drawings were ready in January 2016. These were approved with some slight amendments. In March 2016 a topographical survey was carried out to establish boundaries and services and these were added to the second draft of drawings. In May a meeting was held in Manchester with Methodist Connexional representatives and they were supportive of our plans. The next stage is to meet the requirements of the Methodist Connexion and look into demolition of the old premises as soon as possible.

In the long term, we believe there should be a Methodist presence in Kingsthorpe and are hopeful that a developer will purchase the site and fulfil our prayers.

Our Mission Action Plan is proposed to support our mission during the next three years, following the closure of the current building and the offer of support and accommodation from Kingsthorpe Baptist Church.

Kingsthorpe Methodist Church Mission Action Plan (PDF file)