Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kingsthorpe Methodist Church Website: Privacy Policy

What personal data do we collect?

Our website aims to be a source of information about the activities of our church for the benefit of our members and the wider community. The content of our site includes information that our church members and site users have chosen to provide for publication. This information may include one or more of the following types of personal data:

  • names
  • telephone numbers
  • email addresses
  • photos
  • videos

This personal data is always provided voluntarily and when there is minimal risk of any impact on the privacy of individual people.

Our site also uses cookies to collect some personal data. A cookie is a small text file that is sent from our site and stored in the user’s web browser. For example, our site gives commenters the option of saving their name and email address in a cookie in their browser so that they don’t have to type these in every time they add a comment.

In addition, some technical personal data (such as IP addresses, language choices and browser preferences) is collected automatically by cookies when anyone uses our site. This data is not used to identify individual people. It is the minimum amount of data needed to improve the security, functionality and performance of the site and to produce anonymous statistical reports on the usage of the site.

You have the choice of switching off cookies in your browser settings, but some features of our site will not work for you without the aid of cookies.

How do we use the personal data we collect?

We use collected personal data solely:

  • for the ongoing operation of our website so that it fulfils its aim (as described above),
  • for improving the security, functionality and performance of the site and for producing statistical reports.

Do we share the personal data we collect with third parties?

We only share personal data with third party companies when truly necessary to improve the security, functionality and performance of our website and to produce statistical reports. We also ensure that the companies concerned are GDRP-compliant. Currently, we do not share personal data with any social network.

What do we do to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of users’ personal data?

To protect our website against data breaches, malware, and malicious attacks, we use the HTTPS protocol, password-protected access, and up-to-date and widely-trusted software. Our site is stored on servers managed by a trusted hosting company that is GDPR-compliant.

Any questions?

If you have any queries about our privacy policy or any requests concerning personal data on our website, please contact the website manager at:

More information about the protection of your personal data within the Methodist Church in Great Britain is available in the Managing Trustees’ Privacy Notice.

KMC Website Privacy Policy last updated on: 18/02/2022