What To Expect

What To Expect

We offer you a warm welcome…

when you join our worship at Kingsthorpe Methodist Church.  As you may have read in ‘About Us’, at the moment we are in a time of transition having left our old building while waiting for a redevelopment of that site.

On the first Sunday of each month we meet at the Pastures Community Centre at 10:45 am. We worship in a simply furnished space, seated in a semicircle of chairs. There are usually 40-50 present.  In the Methodist tradition, our worship is led by one of our Northampton circuit preachers, either an ordained minister or a local preacher. Occasionally our Locally Resourced Worship team, made up of members of a church family, will lead worship. All services will include the elements of praise through song, reflection, prayer and teaching although how these elements are combined will vary – we like the variety! Often we will share communion (aka Mass, Eucharist or the Lord’s supper) towards the end of the service. This is an unfussy ceremony where we remember Jesus’s last supper with the disciples. There is no pressure at all to take part in this.  There is an opportunity to share a few minutes of fellowship over tea and coffee after the service.  At the moment we do not have any separate provision for children or young people at this service although all ages are welcome to attend.

On the other Sundays we worship with our friends at Kingsthorpe Baptist Church, again at 10:45am. The church is a pleasant airy building with traditional pews for seating and an imposing organ. At the present moment Kingsthorpe Baptist Church is without a Minister and over the course of a month Sunday Services are led by the Baptists (visiting Ministers or lay preachers) or the Methodists (Circuit Ministers or local preachers), some services are jointly led. The format of the services is not dissimilar from the Methodist services at the community centre.  On the second Sunday of each month the young people meet in a group for the whole time of the service. Junior church are known as the Kings’ Kids and they welcome visitors but young people are also welcome to remain in the service. Again we enjoy refreshments after the service.

Services at both locations normally last around one hour and a plate will be passed to receive free-will offerings but there is no obligation to participate.

You are most welcome to join us at any time, whether you are visiting the area or whether you are based locally and just interested to see what happens.