Church News

Church News

The Girls’ Brigade Christmas Service

The 5th Northampton Girls’ Brigade Company presented the Nativity Story in an interactive way using a pass the parcel game! A live band from Queensgrove Methodist Church played for us and the girls took part in various ways. The Juniors performed ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up the Chimney’ using Kazoos; the Explorers sang ‘Away in a Manger’, some…

Beetle Drive

The Beetle Drive held in Kingsthorpe Baptist Church hall on 1st November 2019 was enjoyed by all participants. The proceeds supported the Kingsthorpe Methodist Churchs Future’s fund.

The Girls’ Brigade Go Ice Skating!

The girls, the leaders and Bakerloo (company mascot) from the 5th Northampton Girls’ Brigade Company joined with other companies from the Northamptonshire District for an ice skating event at Whilton Locks Garden Village. In addition to the skating the girls had a bounce on Frosty the Snowman and took part in some craft activities. It was a bit cold but there was…