Events News

Events News

These are news items about Church events.

Christian Aid Cafe 2021

I did say that I hoped we would manage some sort of Christian Aid Coffee Morning event when I was advertising plants earlier in the year.  (By the way just over £1100 raised from them! Thank you all) So: On Sunday 8 August, we held our first Christian Aid Cafe and the weather was kind. We hope that we will have a sunny afternoon at our second one on Sunday15 August.…

Christian Aid 2021

We are raising funds for Christian Aid by inviting people to visit, select from the plants on offer along the side of the house and around the edge of the patio and then make a donation. New plants are arriving all the time and will continue to do so throughout the early summer. At present you will find hebes, hydrangeas, lilac, hardy geraniums, hollyhocks, canterbury…